16th Century Chalupa

Chalupa Frames

I am currently building one of two proposed 16th century Spanish colonial coastal vessels known as a “chalupa”. It is approximately 38 feet in length, being constructed of cypress planking over natural sawn live oak framing. It is carvel planked on the bottom with the top 3 planks being lapstrake. It will carry 2 masts with lug type sails and 10 oarsmen with a coxswain. We hope to plank  the second boat with longleaf heart pine.  Longleaf pine trees will be provided for the spars. The sails will be sewn of canvas duck. Oars will be of cypress.


Working with volunteers, we have constructed a 44 foot boat shed with a palm thatched roof. This is a part of a 16th century boatyard we are recreating at the Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park in Saint Augustine. The project is funded by the Saint Augustine Maritime Heritage Foundation


Live Oak crooks for chalupa

16th Century Chalupa

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