English yacht tender



Built in Lowestoft, England in 1976. This beautiful 9 foot tender is one of a pair that came off an English yacht. The workmanship is impeccable, and is shown by how well this little tender as aged. Bronze plaque commemorates builder, etc. Copper riveted port orford (or similar) cedar on steamed oak frames. Mahogany transom, seats, centerboard, rudder and tiller. Sitka spruce spars and spoon oars. Vinyl lined canvas covers for all mahogany accessories listed here, as well as spars and oars and includes a boat cover. Dacron lugsail rig. Professional restoration in 2009. Recently repainted. Asking $6700.

Gardner Whitehall


Built in the 80’s. Lines taken from John Gardner’s “Building Classic Small Craft” this boat is not rigged for sailing, but is easily adaptable. Strip plank construction of ½” cypress with WEST system epoxy on 6 oz, cloth inside and out. Recently painted. Includes cover and trailer. Asking $3500.  Oars not included, but have new and used available.

Crabbing (flatiron) skiff


The  flat-bottomed or “flatiron” skiff is one of the cross-planked flat-bottomed skiffs that include the sharpies once widely used in the United States. This skiff has been so widely built and by such a variety of builders that it appears in countless models, ranging all the way from very poor to excellent.


Recently finished, skiff is described under “Current Projects” page

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