Chandlery & Sail Loft





Half hulls and models are available by custom order, as well as offered in our classes if you wish to build your own. Classes include instruction on the basics of lofting



Oars and paddles are available upon request. Sitka and black spruce are used, as well as cypress and ash. We have a couple standard patterns we use, such as Pete Culler’s oar design, but we can design and craft any type oar such as spoon blade or sculling oar.



wood skylights and hatches


 - traditional cotton and canvas sails  - traditional rigging



We also offer bronze fittings for traditional and classic small craft, such as spar fittings and bands, pintles and gudgeons, fairleads, etc. either fabricated in our shop or custom made for us in England.  We are able to offer some of these items

The Old Florida Boat Company offers custom wooden masts and spars, and all traditional rigging accessories including mast hoops, blocks, snotters, fairleads, cleats, etc. Exotic hardwoods such as lignum vitea, ipe, live oak, black mangrove, Madeira, ash and other woods are collected by us for these items, and are available upon request when we have them in stock.

through our English supplier, please inquire as to availability and price.


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