Florida Sharpie


We are currently building two sharpies. A 24 foot florida sharpie to resemble the photograph provided by the client. It will be constructed of marine  plywood with epoxy coating throughout, covered with fiberglass cloth on hull exterior. Backbone is of longleaf pine and live oak, as is centerboard, keel and rudder. Longleaf pine will also be used for all trim and thwarts/seats.This sharpie will be sloop rigged, with a headsail on a bowsprit per owner’s request. The mast will be hollow due to weight restraints, and will be fabricated from black spruce or longleaf pine.


We are also building a traditional version, with a rounded stern, which will be planked with white cedar (juniper) or cypress. The backbone will also be of lonfleaf pine and live oak, and will be constructed much like the crabbing skiff noted above. This sharpie will carry a more traditional split rig, such as a schooner. We will fabricate traditional cotton sails with roped edges here in the shop in our sail loft.


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